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The Engine Room has been the talk of the town in the run-up to the launch. We’re proud to have been featured in a number of leading publications.

London Evening Standard, Monday, September 3rd

Extremely pleased to announce that the opening of The Engine Room was featured both in print and online for top tier title, The Evening Standard as part of a round-up in an article titled ‘The best new fitness classes in London this autumn’. The inclusion states: “The Engine Room is the first — opening in a converted church in Marylebone on September 18 and destined to become a hub for London’s most ambitious amateur athletes. No wonder — rowing is a highly efficient workout. Research by British Rowing finds that it uses 85 per cent of the body’s muscles across nine major muscle groups while burning upwards of 300 calories in 30 minutes. It’s low-impact and conditions the whole body without stressing it out. Engine Room’s founder, Chris Heron, is a formidable machine himself who has a background in boxing, gymnastics and elite personal training. The programmes he’s devised are no punt around a boating lake.” Please see more information on The Engine Room here.

DOSE, Tuesday, August 14th

The Engine Room was featured in a round-up online titled ‘3 New Fitness Studios Coming To London This Autumn’. The inclusion states: “A studio dedicated to rowing with a scientific approach that measures every aspect of your fitness from start to finish. The studio has teamed up with Technogym® to launch SKILLROW™ – the first gym rowing machine that improves anaerobic power, aerobic capacity and neuromuscular abilities, all while measuring real-time data on your performance. And with the free mobile app, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress at any time.”

DOSE is an online magazine aimed at readers who are health conscious and want to read about feel-good content and experiences in the wellness scene. It covers fitness, food, drink, mind, travel, fashion & beauty.

Sunday Times, Sunday 29th July

The opening of The Engine Room was featured both in print and online for top tier title, Sunday Times STYLE as part of a round-up in an article titled ‘The New Fitness Trends To Try Now’. The inclusion states: “On September 18 comes The Engine Room (, a boutique rowing studio in London, where you will be taught correct technique before joining the party.”

Women’s Health, June 2018

A full feature, outlining the benefits of rowing as a full-body workout and including mentions of SkillRow and quotes from British Rowing. Page 3 of the feature showcases the workout we crafted, together with illustrations as well as detail on things to watch – a print version of Rowing 101! In addition, Chris is credited in the top right with headshot and Engine Room social tags. A great feature to really land Chris in media as the go-to indoor rowing powerhouse.