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Chris Heron is the founder of The Engine Room, London’s first fully integrated rowing boutique and personal training studio. His aim is to create a revolutionary space that will separate itself from fellow boutique gyms.

From a young age, Chris has shared a passion for fitness and wellbeing. In 1997, he qualified with Premier Global, a training programme which provides industry-leading Gym Instructor and Personal Trainer courses to achieve a qualification in the fitness industry. From 2010 till 2012, Chris participated in The British Powerlifting Congress (BPC) before entering the Miami Pro Competition for Body Building in 2013. Chris was titled Superhuman Games Champion in 2015, amongst 600 athletes in the UK.

With 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, Chris’s expertise spans high-end personal training, body transformation programs, Strength & Conditioning, Cuban and Western boxing as well as Gymnastic based strength training. Chris’s personal training work includes roles at David Lloyd, Esporta, Co-operate Facilities and Healthlands, before working independently as a personal trainer. In addition, he has completed various nutrition qualifications and independently sought out experts across different sectors of the wellness industry to further develop his knowledge and understanding in order to excel in the field and more importantly, to help his clients achieve their goals quicker.

Chris Heron’s experience also reaches far beyond the United Kingdom. His qualifications include completing the fourth level at US-based Poliquin Group alongside Canadian strength coach and wellness author, Charles Poliquin. The Insitute offers state of the art education courses by providing online course offerings to reach more coaches and trainers around the world. His experience ranges from working in Germany with Ido Portal, alongside movement and lifting experts, Jukka Rajala and Teemu Roininen in Finland to working with Cardio Guru and celebrity life coach, Scott Alexander.

After 20 years within the fitness industry and with a wide range of skills across all sectors of the field, Chris wanted to share his vision with a wider audience. With the help of leading gym equipment Technogym’s SKILLROW, he could utilise the rowing machine, to help individuals reach their goals, by perfecting their technique and controlling their heart rate, in his way. With no rowing background beforehand and with the decision to launch The Engine Room, Chris Heron was dedicated and took it upon himself to meet with several experts and professionals in the field of rowing, which trained him vigorously to improve his performance over time.
In 2017, Chris decided to enter the National Indoor Rowing Championship in Ireland and, following extensive training, came in 4th after achieving an astonishing 6 minutes and 34 seconds, 30-39 cats and in the gold-standard 2000 metre category. This achievement has also placed him amongst the top 30 fitness rowers in the UK and in the top 7% of rowers worldwide.

Chris acquired the “Shaping Change” building, also known as the Grade II church in Marylebone, in 2015. He was running it for three years, before completely refurbishing it and re-launching it as The Engine Room. In collaboration with leading and luxury gym equipment, Technogym’s SKILLROW, the studio will not only offer its members the ability to monitor their results in real time but also aims to create an environment to ensure its clients are constantly improving their performance with every class.

The Engine Room aims to provide personal, tailored coaching to enable each attendee to achieve their goals and better their performance. In addition, Chris will ensure every member will know what to expect from the class they attend. In a first-of-its-kind offering, his approach is first and foremost technique-driven, ensuring that every move performed is done correctly, safely and properly from the outset. This minimises the risk of injury as well as enhancing the consumer experience. All guests will be required to undertake a technique induction before their first class. The Engine Room will, therefore, bring together the unparalleled combination of proven science, world-class delivery and leading technology.