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Small Group Personal Training

Expertly Coached sessions with a fun & friendly vibe

How can it be personal training if it’s not one-to-one?

Individual coaching gives you the individualised approach and attention to help you achieve quicker and safer results. But what if you could get the same results with high level coaching and added motivation of a class dynamic? This is where small group personal training comes into it’s own and you get the best of both worlds.


Scientifically and practically proven

All that we have been learning from the past 25 years of personal training has gone into carefully planning out the details of our small group programming. Our gym is set up perfectly to make this work and our team is trained to deliver it.

Our Rule of Six

Groups will be no larger than six people. This keeps the groups small enough so that there is a great vibe in the session but also the coach can keep their eye on you whilst you train. Everyone starts with an evaluation and we tailor things as we go, specifically to suit you.

A longterm solution

Small group personal training has the right balance between being a long-term affordable solution and a set of expert coaches keeping a watchful eye on your technique to move you quicker towards your goals over a longer period of time. The fact that we a vast experience with 1-2-1 means that we will keep things interesting enough to keep you focused and this has to be a good thing for motivation.



The hard work has already been done. The programming is set out on a screen during each session so you can see what the plan is which helps you to mentally prepare. Once the session is underway the coaches are on hand to help you maximise the benefits of the program so will be focused on coaching you not thinking about the programming.

Ready to get Started?

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